And We’re Off After One Year in the Planning!


Code Naturel Launches with an Eco-friendly Message For All.

Welcome to Code Naturel!

It's been almost a year since I started to meet our first  suppliers for this project and here I am today, finally bringing it all to fruition and launching  our new and exciting 'environmentally friendly' online shop!

First of all I would like to thank my family and all my friends for their support during this period. I would also like to thank the IT team at Web Multishop Company for their hard work to create this website and Malcolm Glennie at MalcolmGlennie Photography for excellent pictures of our products. A special thanks also goes to Eileen Cooper at Limetree Consultancy for her support and advice on my new project.

Some think that eco-friendly is rustic and very industrial; Some think it is an expensive way to buy things.  It doesn't have to be any of these things, it is a contemporary way of thinking that can offer peace of mind when purchasing new products and, best of all, it needn't be expensive. We have worked hard to source products, that are not only beautiful, durable and contemporary, but also  affordable.  We have chosen suppliers who support the idea of eco-friendliness and who love what they do. As a result, the products we sell are mainly handmade and produced from natural or even recycled materials.

We are launching our online shop with two current collections, namely Fashion Stationery and Upcycled Glassware.

Fashion Stationery:
Our product range of fashion stationery includes carefully handmade small, medium and large vintage notebooks, produced from luxurious Italian paper and a very high quality  environmentally friendly paper (FSC certified). Two smaller sizes have a stitched seam binding for a longer life and are finished with a lovely ribbon tie. The cover of the largest notebook is finished with the same Italian paper and fabric. These notebooks are perfect for note-taking and for capturing ideas and inspiration on the go. They are ideal as trendy sketchbooks, notebooks and even recipe books. Available in 3 sizes and in more than 20 designs.

Recycled Glassware:
Have you ever carefully looked at the shape of an empty bottle of wine or beer? Have you ever thought that it could be used again? We found a team of highly skilled glass designers who create miracles with all types of used bottles in their workshop. Our very 'green' glassware products' range includes different types of glasses, service platters, candleholders and dishes. Produced from up-cycled glass they have gained a new life as trendy products of contemporary design. Our glasses are available in sets of 2 or 4 glasses. For these products we use natural recyclable board packaging.

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Enjoy your shopping with us and we do hope that Code Naturel inspires you to shop with a conscience!

Sanda Woolner